Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Topwater Popper Lures

Topwater Popper Lures

Topwater Popper Lures have been the discussion of message boards, the subject of interesting Youtube videos and blogs with their innovative lures and fishing techniques on how to use them effectively. With the success people are having with them, they are definitely savage gear worth considering, however; using the Topwater Lures can sometimes be intimidating to fishermen new to them but once they learn how to use them, they won’t change to any other lure, let’s find out why.

Topwater fishing has grown into a technique that is getting big catches, the technique named ‘Walk the dog’ has become a popular technique that came from obscure origins and is now known and practiced by Topwater kayak fishermen everywhere. 
The Topwater lures are savage gear made with quality components and combined with a good bait, create the perfect silhouette at dawn or dusk, prime fishing time. This combo seems irresistible to trout and redfish, a good split ring or a loop will make sure that you are able to work the lure properly and doesn’t interfere with the action on the lure’s nose at all.

Topwater lures make for great fishing in areas where you would normally be using fly techniques. With the Topwater style, you can wait by that cut for predatory fish to swim in looking for a quick meal. If there are lots of mullet around, then the Top lure will fit in perfectly and is a definite attractor bait instead of just an imitation, making them real savage gear.

If you differ the style of your retrieve a little, you will find that the Topwater lure works well in attracting predatory fish and using different cadences attracts different types of fish. Using a twitch and pause technique is has shown to be an effective method of using the lure to attract fish into biting. Trout can be a picky fish, choosing to quickly gulp on the bait or just sit back and pick at it, so using the twitch and pause technique may entice them to bite more often. The Toplure responds perfectly to this and gives just the right feel in the play that allows for a more natural action.

Redfish are also a sucker for Topwater Lures, one would not expect it to be so, as their mouths are more suited to foraging rather than looking for prey on the surface, but redfish are attracted to the rattle of the Toplure and come looking fo an easy meal showing signs of distress. A good blind cast drives the redfish crazy and they just gulp down the Toplure.

Using a good quality Toplure is just another way of exploring the amazing world of fishing. Topwater lures allow you to experience a different angle to what you may be used to and are fast becoming a lure of choice amongst fishermen everywhere. They are easy to set up and loads of fun to use, you are sure to get a few good fights the next time you go out. Perfect for the kayak, these lures are top quality savage gear that belongs in any fisherman’s lure box.

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