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All About Fishing Lures

All About Fishing Lures

If you like fishing, you need to know about the various fishing lures that you can use when you’re out catching fish. Here’s a brief guide about fishing lures.


savage gear jig lures where can i buy them onlineThe jig is perhaps the most versatile fishing lure you can use. This lure can be used to catch almost any game fish out there. They come in various colors and have a weighted head. They can be dresses with hair, feathers, bait, or a soft plastic grub.


The spinner is easy to use and it’s often the lure that beginners will use. These lures have a metal shaft and a spinning blade. These lures can be bare or they can be dressed. Then the lure is dragged through the water, the blades spin and this vibration and sound is picked up by fish. These lures work well in murky waters.


Spoons are a curved metal lure. These lures come in various sizes and colors and you’ll find a spoon for all types of fishing needs. The lure shape gives it it’s distinct fishing action. The spoon will move through the water with a side-to-side wobble that mimics injured bait fish and game fish love to go after injured bait fish.

Plastic Baits

The plastic baits are a family of different lures that are mostly used in bass fishing. The most common plastic lure in the worm. These baits are created with molds. They usually resemble frogs, lizards, crayfish, worms and other shapes. The lures are soft so they encourage the fish to hold onto them so you can catch the fish.
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A plug is made from hollowed plastic and made to resemble bait fish, other fish prey, or frogs. These support two or three hooks and this sort of lure can be used at any depth. Some of these will dive and some of them will float. These baits can gurgle, rattle, or wobble in the water and come in all different sizes.

A spinner bait or buzz bait is a lure that has a safety pin style wire that attaches to a lead head body. These are typically dressed with a rubber skirt and it has one or two metallic blades like the spinners have.


A fly is used with fly fishing equipment and these lures are light and imitate various insects, leeches, bait fish, or other food that fish eat. These lures are usually made with feathers and fur. Some new fly materials include rubber and foam. This sort of lure floats on the water and lures the fish to the fly.  

These are the basic lures you need to know about for fishing. You can try a combination of these lures until you find ones that work for you. Try the various models until you find lures that give you results on a consistent basis. Different fishing scenarios will require different lures and fishing techniques. Prepare to spend some time with a lure to get to know how the lure works in the water and how it attracts fish to your line. Make sure you ask other fishermen what works the best for them and never be afraid to learn new things. 

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