Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Keyshia ka oir waist eraser

ka'oir waist eraser

Keyshia “Ka’oir” Dior

KA’OIR Fitness is a fitness brand, founded in the year 2011 by the black celebrity Keyshia “Ka’oir” Dior. A fitness line of patented and trademarked fat burners to help people with weight loss in a new and faster way than ever before. Keyshia's fantastic range of products are focused on helping you shed water, burn stomach fat, and get your abs to get stronger and be more visible in an easy achievable way. 

Who is Keyshia Ka’oir Davis? she is a model, entrepreneur, actress, and stylist who’s is widely recognized in entertainment and in the business world.  Her awesome fitness, fabulous hair, and industry leading cosmetic brands are seen in the best and most famous beauty & glamour magazines, fashion events, and music videos of the likes of: Glamour, MTV, BET Rip “The Runway”, and Power 105.  Keyshia also appears in her very own tv show with her husband Gucci Mane on "Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'Oir: The Mane Event" which can be seen on the cable channel BET.
Beginnings, Keyshia began her career as a model in 2009 here she appeared in a mini-movie called “Say Something” by Timbaland and music star Drake.  This success helped her on her career path and, she began modeling and acting in various music videos on MTV, she won a nationwide recognition as the 2010 XXL Magazine Model of the Year.
Keyshia strength to be successful continued and, she began her very own company and cosmetic brands in 2010 with a blue lipstick that was incredibly popular and sold out within a few months of launching the product.  2011 came, she grew into a an established business mogul and officially changed her name from Keyshia Dior to “Keyshia Ka’oir”.  Now, with her ever expanding fan base, she began experimenting with different beauty products which put on her on the road to developing a fitness range to add to her popular her beauty line.

Keyshia waist eraser has become the most searched for waist training device on Google in 2018  
ka'oir waist trainer

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